Support Concept

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Support Concept


The support concept arranges for several modes of user support. Basis of the concept is a user training that acquaints the user fundamentally with all application issues, mainly the graphical user interface. The training also informs about all possibilities and the limits of TrainBraC.

Software documentation, online help function and information on this website represent a permanent source of information for the user while working on the problem.

In case some problem seems to be unsolvable the user always has the possibility to make use of a multi level user support.

Multi-Level Support

The support concept includes a multi-level user support in order to take into account the needs of different users.

First Level Support

This support level offers assistance and explanations via phone or e-mail in order to refresh knowledge of training issues and to support the user in solving less complex problems. These support activities are free of charge. However only key-users (users that have been trained by the TrainBraC cooperation) are qualified to benefit.

Second Level Support

With this level advanced support is offered to the user in order to enable him to solve also rather complex problems. This is a service with costs and will be contracted individually with respect to the extent and complexity of the problem to be solved.


This programm has an online-help available. The online help offers general explanations regarding calculation principles and handling of TrainBraC.

More Information

User Training

As a matter of principle the training of each User is mandatory as TrainBraC must be considered as an expert system which is not self-explanatory. This training service is not free of charge and is not included in the license fee. Any User may be trained directly by the TrainBraC cooperation or, if already available in his company, by a Key-User. The Key-User status is assigned to a person, after having been trained by the TrainBraC cooperation.

Each Key-User is granted first level support.

This is in line with the target of the cooperation to endow a TrainBraC-User with all necessary skills in order to use the software efficiently and correctly. Thereby a good knowledge of the fundamentals of braking physics is a prerequisite for a successful training.

Training dates

Individual training dates can be arranged by contacting the sales representative (see contact form)

Training fees

For the two days training 1.000 Euro will be charged per each training participant. The minimum price per training amounts to 3.000 Euro.

The prices are understood plus VAT, travel expenses.

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Software Updates

Two types of updates have to be distinguished:

  1. Updates, which include further functionalities that can not be related to the Key Functions of TrainBraC that have been defined in the Software License Agreement and which can be accessed by an additional license fee.
  2. Updates, which include an enhancement of the already existing software features and functionalities and/ or which contain software corrections and are therefore free of charge.
    Regular updates will help the TrainBraC software to be continuously optimized in the sense of a user friendly application and powerful software features.
    At this each user feedback is of particular concern. User feedback will be bundled according to the related main topics and subsequently prioritised depending on significance, possible date of response or realisation.

Availability of regular updates:

As a basic principle it is foreseen to release one update per year. In parallel bug fixing will be added to those regular updates as part of the continuous improvement process. However, significant software bugs will be resolved by updates that will be made available as soon as possible.

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If you have any questions we kindly ask you to use the contact form. This will speed up the answer to your request.

Alternatively you may send your request directly to:

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The aim of the cooperation is, that every user is able to apply the software in a useful and efficient manner. If the software is used as a Viewer (i. e. TrainBraC with a reduced functionality which is free of charge) the following assistance is available:

  • online-help: the help function can be accessed via menu item "?" in the start window of TrainBraC
  • direct questions via contact form: depending on the contents and on the effort of the request support via e-mail will be granted.

If the software is used as full version of TrainBraC, advanced assistance is available:

  • online-help
  • support via e-mail or phone for Key Users, as long as the contents of the request can be related to the contents of the training and no need for additional basic training has to be identified.
  • support in providing solutions for a clearly specified problem (with costs)
  • training documents with sample files
  • documentation
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Bugs and Features

General Information

Informations concerning software bugs or software improvements will be documented on this website in the near future.

These informations will include

  • date of registration
  • description of the problem
  • processing status (open, in progress, closed etc.)
  • proposals of alternative solutions
  • next version including bugfix or improvement including expected date of issue
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