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Download Software and Functionality

Download Software

This website contains protected and unprotected data. In order to download protected data, e. g. the calculation software TrainBraC, it is necessary to register. 


  • Use with license key: Full functionality can be used.
  • Use without a license key (Viewer Mode): The number of definable vehicle parts, braking systems and results is limited.
    The contents of TrainBraC project files can be viewed, recalculated, but not changed with the help of the software.
Please register

To download the TrainBraC calculation software, you must register below. After registration you will receive a corresponding web link via e-mail that allows you to access the installation file.

By sending the registration data you agree with the following limitation of liability:
Since in Viewer Mode the TrainBraC software is made available to the licensee free of charge, the licensor is only liable for damages due to defects in the contractual software or due to the breach of other contractual or non-contractual obligations in the event of intent or gross negligence. The above limitation of liability does not apply in the event of malice, damages to life, body and health, a guarantee or liability under the Product Liability Act.

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ETR 06/2010

In June 2010 an article was published in the german Railway Journal "Eisenbahntechnischen Rundschau" (ETR) which can be downloaded here. For the time being there is no english translation. International publications are in progress.

Download - 

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TrainBraC Examples

TrainBraC Examples

Here you can find a TrainBraC example file.

TrainBraC Example - 

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License Agreement

Here you can find the terms of use of the TrainBraC software.

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